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Jun 18 2012

The Side Effects of Resveratrol

We all don’t want to grow wrinkles, develop sagging skin and acquire degenerative diseases brought about by aging. You may have heard about a wonder anti-aging supplement gaining much fame in the global market. Resveratrol is a health supplement that will help you fight the signs of aging and make you feel healthier and better. It is the drug that gives you the health benefits and makes you stop your aging clock.

Despite many claims about the anti-aging properties of this supplement, there are certain side effects that come with using this drug. You may be taking resveratrol in high dosages which may bring about certain side effects. You must identify these for you to know if taking this supplement and enjoying its benefits do outweigh the associated risks.


Resveratrol overdose may cause inflammation of the tendons also known as tendinitis. Your tendons connect your muscles to the bones. It plays a major role in mobility which is the reason why limited movement of an extremity may be experienced when you have tendinitis. Swelling, redness and pain may manifest on the affected area. It may cause discomfort and may lead to bone, muscle and joint deformity.

Resveratrol and Blood Thinners

A blood thinner is an agent that predisposes you to bleeding. Examples of this are aspirin, Plavix and warfarin. Resveratrol may further cause you to bleed which may lead to serious problems. Watch out for bruising on different areas of the body which is a sign of bleeding. Worse cases such as gastrointestinal bleeding as manifested by dark tarry stool or fresh blood on your feces during bowel movement may also be noted. How can these problems be prevented? It is vital that you discuss with your doctor the use of this aging supplement especially when you have coagulation problems.

Other Side Effects

Using Resveratrol in high doses may lead to health problems such as insomnia, diarrhea, stomach upset, acne growth, changes in the color of the urine, and even flu. These may be caused by faulty use of resveratrol based substances. It is important that you read instructions on the proper use of this aging supplement and discuss it with health experts.

How to Avoid the Side Effects

  • Using Resveratrol in Right Doses

Remember that in the use of all drug agents and supplements, the key to preventing untoward effects is using them as prescribed or instructed.   Resveratrol doses may vary such as 50 mg per day up to 200 mg. If you follow what dosage is appropriate in your case and needs then you may avoid developing the side effects.

  • Seek Medical Consult

Seek for the expert’s advice regarding the use of this anti-aging substance, resveratrol. They know much about your dosage needs and certain existing health problems that may not warrant the use of this supplement. Discuss your medical history with your doctor and also the drugs that you are currently using. This may prevent drug interactions that may lead to health risks such as bleeding in anticoagulant use.

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